cropped-15.jpgWho I am?  My name is Cassi. I am a wife, and mother of one spunky daughter. My love of photography and art has its roots  back to my childhood. I still remember walking through fields to just get a little closer with my camera. I also remember the time I tried to blind my little brother with the ‘new’ electronic flash my parents bought. I promise my skills have come a long way since then. But I haven’t lost the desire to just get a little bit close with my camera, for just that right shot. It is that desire that drives me. Through prayer and the support of family and friends I have made this desire into a business. Photography is more than just pictures it is capturing memories.

Where did the name come from?  In searching for a name for our family blog, I did a Google search on the meaning of our last name. The results came back “Bright Forest”. It was the perfect  image I wanted to get across with the blog. And it best described our goals as a family. To enjoy nature and bring about a Brighter life. I have searched again for that definition numerous times and have never seen that website again. But God knew what I was looking for that day. When it came time to name my business, I knew that Bright had to be included.

What does the name mean to you? Photography is all about capturing the light. But I want to capture more than just the physical light. I want to be there to capture the moments that light up our lives.

  • Shining innocence of a baby
  • Twinkle of mischief caught in a child
  • Light of the future within a teen
  • Spark of new romance between a couple
  • Glow of expecting parenthood
  • Radiance of a loving family
  • Burning embers of ageless love

Those moments and many more that happen through out our lives are what make us Bright. What are your Bright moments? God has given me numerous moments to shine now I hope to capture yours.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi Cassi,

    I was interested in a photo session. I saw your work with Aaron and went to high school with Kim. The shots are beautiful. Wondering if with the photo session you get a CD of the pictures? Also wondering where you think would be an appropriate location currently. We are looking at photographing our 9 month old and his sister ( almost 3) mainly with a couple family shots. Also wondering what kind of availability you have. We would have this weekend open, saturday or sunday (I know it is really soon), the next weekend on saturday or the following weekend. If you could shoot me back an email it would be greatly appreciated.

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